Why I-Hub?

Better U Today

I-Hub Rec & Wellness is committed to helping U become the best U can be. Whether you are a youth athlete, a mother of 3, a CEO of a company, or a grandparent of 12 maintaining your health has to be a priority.  I-Hub Rec and Wellness will help you cusomize a program that is enjoyable and sustainable.

Embrace Your Health

I-Hub Rec & Wellness has tailored its menu of services to offer everyone the opportunity to "embrace your health".  Our programing is designed to help you lay the foundation to good health resulting in a permanent lifestyle change.

No More Excuses

I-Hub Rec & Wellness personally invites you to stop by the facility located in Des Moines, IA. Come tryout a class, train for athletic competition, take action today to "Get Fit for Life".

I-Hub Trainers & Affiliates

Mel Stocker - Athletic Programing Director

Coach Stocker is highly experienced and knowledgeable in biomechanics, motor learning and development of the human body, as well as the prevention and care of athletic injuries. -Well versed in core training, cross-fit, TRX, and other modalities of training as well as their its philosophies and overall practices.

Emily Briggs - Yoga Program Lead & Instructor

Emily Griggs of Glohemian Yoga moved to the Des Moines area shortly after completing her training with Malia Hillard at Hotlanta Yoga in Atlanta, GA.  Emily is a RYT 200 certified instructor trained in Iyengar-based yoga with an emphasis in Athletic Power Yoga. 

Brent Smith - MaxT3 Instructor

Brent a Chicago native has always had a passion for athletic competition which lead to a college baseball scholarship.  Brent also has his fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well CPR/AED.  Brent thrives to spark a passion for fitness in each one of his clients by teaching you how to let fitness enhance your life not consume it.  

Jason Kimbrough - Assistant Sports & Training Program Director

Jason Kimbrough an Iowa Native who attended Drake and Grandview joins us with over 15+ years of high school teaching, wrestling, and baseball coaching experience.  Jason will work to develop our wrestling and fitness programs.

Azra Feriz - Nutritionist, Maximized Metabolix Specialist, CA

ADIO Chiropractic and Azra Feriz have partnered with I-Hub Rec & Wellness to offer I-Hub members a "Get Fit for Life" program.  Azra is here to help save lives through nutrition education and health coaching.

Dr. Jeff Stickel - Doctor of Chiropractic

ADIO Chiropractic and Dr. Jeff Stickel have partnered with I-Hub Rec & Wellness to off I-Hub customers a "Get Fit for Life" program.  Dr. Stickel and team will teach all participants the 5 essentials of life that make up the Maximized Living Program.